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Made by: Kuro and Dragnite and Delete.

The one and only game where it's legally accepted to attack anyone at anytime and anywhere. Find yourself at the highscore for most bandwith or maybe for most attacks? However, the world of networking lies beneath your feet, get your servers working already!

Get ready for some serious networking with DDoS-wars around the corner for every single hacker out there, there is nowhere to hide your servers. Get started right now, perform your first attack from the "HUB" and earn your money to buy a few more servers from the "Store" or find a few cheap servers on "Black Market". Invite your buddys if you have trouble with someone disturbing your servers, group yourself with a few friends and attack other groups to earn a load of money.

DDoSTheGame was made by Chrostoffer Hans Stefan Alvarsson or as he is known online, Crille, made DDoSTheGame back in early September of 2014 and was released for beta testing in mid September of 2014, actual release of the game was in early October, as of writing the game currently has 866 registered users (Time of writing, 13th of October 2014) and is growing quite popular especially on forums such as and

Development statuses and things of that nature can be followed here: and

DDoSTheGame is currently in its pre-release version and is accepting new players and their feedback.

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