Servers are what you use to get more bandwidth, You need more bandwidth to make more money, So more servers = more money. Bigger servers = More bandwidth. You can find servers in the store.

The current servers in the game are:

VPS: 200MB/s, $28

SuperMicro: 500MB/s, $64

Poweredge 1950: 1GB/s, $116

Mac Mini: 5GB/s, $478

HP ProLiant DL380: 10GB/s, $826

Lenovo RD640: 15GB/, $1178

Lenovo RD540: 30GB/s, $2328

Dell R610: 60GB/s, $4086

Acer AT350F2: 120GB/s, $7560

Poweredge R720: 250GB/s, $14200

Poweredge R920: 530GB/s, $29980


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