In DDoSTheGame you can make your own group, fill it friends, attack your enemies, gain new friends and have fun.

The base group cost is 10K in game money, this will give you a group with 5 member slots, 4 if you include yourself.

The premium group cost is 5K due to its discount, it also comes with 7 group slots instead of the normal 5.

Groups get their own booters which can only be used to hit off other groups, the group datacenter costs are listed below:

Datacenter Mist: 60GB/s, $26000

Datacenter Minoz: 120GB/s, $49000

Datacenter Cyrus: 300GB/s, $105200

Datacenter Telx: 500GB/s, $191400

Datacenter Sun: 1TB/s, $372600

Datacenter Inter: 2TB/s, $711800

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